Pre-Warm Up: Roll, PNF, D2EF, Row

Warm Up: Stick, DROM

Group Challenge Obstacle Course


400M Barbell Ruck 155/105
21 C&J 155/105
400M Barbell Ruck
21 C&J
400m barbell ruck


First WOD for the Brevard Open has been chosen. Due to the limited availability of rowers, only nine athletes per class, all others complete option 2 below, but everyone will have the opportunity to compete throughout the week.
12 min AMRAP:

Every 2 minutes perform
10 over the bar burpee
With remaining time row as many calories as possible
Burpees are performed at 0,2,4,6,8,10
Wod starts with 10 over the bar burpee. Burpee comes first then the jump. No Hip extension or clap is required.

The Monitor on the rower does not need to be reset every time.

Score is Total Calories Rowed.