Pre-Warm Up: Roll, PNF, D2EF, Row
Warm Up: Stick, DROM

Strength/ Skill:
15mins. to find 5RM OHSquat. Barbell MUST be snatched. Squat Snatch counts as 1st OHS. Barbell must have clamps on. Athletes do not have to squat all the loads – just whatever they desire to count as their score.
Example: 135/1 165/1 185/1 205/5 215/1 225/5 – Record 205 & 225 as the successful lifts, the other ones are just for warm-up.

As many rounds as possible in 14 minutes of:
3 Rope Climbs 15′
10 Deadlifts (250/153)
20 Hand Release Push-ups*
30 Box Jump Overs (24/20)
40 One Arm KB Snatches (55/35; total reps)
400m Run

* – on the second round, Push-ups become Hand Stand Push-ups. Head to floor for men, head to abmat to women.