CrossFit Games 2014 Prep cycle Week 2 of 12 (CFI)*Note: Our "Road to Recovery" program for Shoulder, Knee, etc. issues is in full effect now. We have alternate movements preprogrammed for you. The R2R program has Strength, Assistance work and Endurance components to aid in your restoration process.

Workout of the day

5 BMU/C2B (RX); Pull Up/Ring Rows (Scaled); Ring Rows (Beginner)
5 Deadlifts #275/185 (RX); #185/135 (Scaled); #95/65 (Beginner)
5 Box Jumps: RX 34in/28in; Scaled 30in/24in ;Beg. 24in/20in (Step Up Allowed)
5 Burpees
5 minutes rest then….
4 Slam Ball to Shoulder 100/70; 70/50
6 Weighted Pistols 35/25 RX; Scaled: Goblet Squats
12 Ring Push Ups or Barbell Push Ups
18 Med Ball Sit-Ups 20lb/14lb
(12 min cap)
Complete 1RM from the ground, not timed:
1 Squat Clean Thruster
3 Back Squat
1 Thruster or Jerk off Back Rack
(You must progress in a maximum of 5 or 10lb increments. No 20% jumps.)