SCC – CrossFit

Located at PAFB Beach House 259 HWY A1A
9am only! Bring a friend!!

SCC Picnic and BBQ party at rge gym at noon on Saturday! Bring the whole family!!

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Monster Prt.1

Metcon (Time)

Partnered “Griff” Hero Wod

1 person runs 1600m forwards and the other runs 1600m backwards. You can switch as often as you like.

Monster Prt.2

Metcon (Time)

Partnered “Tully” Hero Wod

1 person will swim 200m ( or 100 Flutter kicks on the beach) and then do 23 squat cleans with a sandbag @ 55/35. Each partner can work at the same time. Two rounds each.

Monster Prt.3

Metcon (Time)

Partnered “Brenton” Hero Wod

2 rounds each partner

100’ft Bear Crawl

100’ft Broad Jump

3 Burpees after every 5 Broad Jump