SCC – CrossFit

The Monday Monster Mash began as a request from a few buddies that work with me, Pat Sherwood at CrossFit HQ. They asked me to program them a weekly competition so they could throw down against each other. They had all been doing CrossFit for multiple years and could handle the volume, so I agreed. Eventually, I began to post these Monday Monster Mashes on social media and they developed quite a following of people from all around the world. A word of caution, these workouts are potent! If you are not ready for the volume, loading, or anything else, please scale as appropriate. The Monday Monster Mash is very well suited for competitors at both the Regional and Games level for one simple reason…….it’s a big dose of pure CrossFit. Sometimes at the upper echelon of the Sport of CrossFit there can be a tendency to over complicate training, and soon you’ve drifted a bit far from the classic, high intensity style of programming that got you so damn fit in the first place. Enjoy.

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