SCC – SCC F4L Challenge

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SCC Saturday Partner Wod

Metcon (Time)


For time:

Teams each complete:

100 double-unders (200s), each

75-calorie row, total

50 KB step-ups, total

F – 25-lb. KB’s to 16-inch box ( or 3 plates)

At the call of “3, 2, 1 … go,” Athlete 1 will perform 100 single-unders with the rope spinning forward underneath her feet for each repetition. Once Athlete 1 finishes, Athlete 2 will perform 100 single-unders.

Next, the pair will advance to the Concept 2 rower. There the women will complete a total of 75 calories, divided however they choose.

Last, the pair will advance to the 16-inch box 12″ plates. With KB’s held in each hand in the hang position, one teammate will step up onto the box and get full extension of the knees and hips before stepping down. The Athlete will complete a total of 50 step-ups, handing off the single pair of KB each time they alternate. Jumping up and down is not permitted.