Real stories from our SCC family of athletes

I started crossfit in March of 2016 and truly had no idea what to expect. I will tell you that I started with a very closed mind, thinking that I would try it and it would be just that, the trial period, and I would go back to life as usual. I knew I needed a change, but I was down and out because I had tried everything (I thought) and nothing, no diet, no exercise helped me get to where I wanted to be.

In December of 2014, I was diagnosed as a Diabetic and was put on medications for my sugar and my high blood pressure (at 36). I joined a gym and started to get myself back into a healthy place, but it still felt like I was trying and trying and was not seeing results. Sure the scale was going down, but not much and to me, I still looked the same and I certainly felt the same. My sugar was still high and my doctor actually up’d dosage for my medications. When a friend of mine asked me to go with her to the free trial at SCC I kind of chuckled and said sure, I’ll go. Never in a million years did I think that I found my niche. By the end of the trial period, I was signing up. I found exactly what I was looking for, the constant challenges, the changes in my body and mindset, the everyday motivation from the great Coaches and people. Now here we are, almost a year later and I am so very glad that I said yes. I still have a long way to go before I get to my best me, but I know I am heading I am heading in the right direction. Thank you Chad for being present, for being challenging and for being the best at what you do. Thank you for having a passion for helping people be their best versions. You, my friend are quite a gift.

Andi Gonzales


I love space coast. Always very clean and always welcoming. Chad has never had a problem letting myself or any of my family member in. Tommy and I enjoy this gym and love being a part of the space coast family.
Kaci Vassallo


I have always been fairly athletic and in decent shape from doing things ranging from triathlon to surfing. But… I have always been intimidated by the gym atmosphere and had never lifted a weight my whole life. The day a friend challenged me to walk in the door at SSC I thought it would be my one and only. Nearly a year later I not only feel a ton stronger than I ever have but SCC allows my body and mind to endure the daily stress and strains of work and life in stride. I enjoy the short power packed punch of a SCC workout almost as much as the comradery and encouragement of the other members. The support and teaching of all the coaches is excellent and was completely unexpected when I started. They keep us challenged, motivated, safe and injury free.
Ryan Caudill


I really am thankful for SCC and the people there. Was there for about 5 months and all I can say is wow. I am 42 and am in the best shape of my life. I do miss the community but I will always have what I learned from the community there at SCC. Thanks Chad and all the other coaches there who helped me make these changes.
Pastor Will Bawgus


Extraordinary fitness environment with individuals and trainers that are sincerely committed to every member of the gym. There is not a CrossFit gym that I am aware of, that is open the number of hours that this gym is. I have been a member of space coast CrossFit for over three years now and anytime I have ever had a question, the owner Chad Warren has always gone above and beyond to work with me. On several occasions he has even opened up the gym just for me on an off day so that I could purfect a movement where I felt I needed improvement. In my opinion this is the only gym worth joining within 150 miles! Anyone who’s interested in joining can feel free to contact me. I am not in anyway financially affiliated with this organization, I am just grateful for my experience and the sincere sense of teamwork and family that I have every time I arrive at the gym.
Anthony McCarthy


When I started SCC I was only 13 and I honestly thought it was just going to be a one time thing. I’ve been at SCC since the opening and I have seen it change into the best gym around. I heard about SCC from a friend and the first day Chad was so helpful and supportive of me and my mom even when we probably looked a little goofy, since it was our first time even hearing of CrossFit. I’ve been doing crossfit for a year and a half now and I couldn’t be happier. I’m not just happy about trying to get in my best shape, but happy to see my best friends every day. The SCC Family is such a supportive and awesome group of people. Chad and Jad and all the coaches will always help you if you haven’t gotten a certain movement down yet. Age does not matter. I’m only 14 and have a blast being a part of such an awesome gym. Chad, you’ve done an amazing job creating this amazing gym for all of us to make ourselves better!!


When I started CrossFit, I was just looking for something to help me get back into shape. I didn’t realize what I was walking into when the first day I walked into SCC. Chad, Jad, and the other coaches greeted me eagerly and gave me the one on one attention I needed to get started. I noticed that they did this with everybody though, not just the new people. What got me even more was the willingness of the other athletes to help out. I quickly became addicted and found unexpected friendships. SCC become more than just a gym and a place for physical exercise; it became my place of refuge, a place to go and feel good about myself and share with friends. I recommend SCC to anybody who mentions wanting to join a gym and will continue to do so.
Justin Ramirez


I started CrossFit nine months ago (September 2013) and chose Space Coast CrossFit to see what it was all about. At 47 years young I was a little worried that it would not be a good fit for me…I couldn’t have been more wrong! Chad and the Coaches at SCC put you at ease from the second you meet them and the programing can be scaled/modified to all levels. I have had many injuries including a broken back and had been told by every Doctor that I would probably not be able to participate in sports or gym activities. Well, with the help of Chad and his coaches, I can tell you that I am stronger, faster and more mobile than I was at my healthiest. And because Chad and his coaches foster team and family you couldn’t choose a better gym or program to be a part of…no one is ever left behind or stands alone. This is truly the only way I will ever train and Space Coast CrossFit is my place!
Steve Gushee


I never thought that I would be the person that would even do, let alone love, such a rigorous form of physical fitness. I have always wanted to be active, but never found anything I enjoyed enough to stick with consistently. From the beginning, I was never pressured to go beyond what I wanted to do, but the determination of others really motivated me to push harder. I love to work myself to my limit because I love seeing the soreness turn to results. I cannot say enough about how great the support system is at Space Coast CrossFit; fellow athletes genuinely care about my progress and well-being. I am barely even demotivated by movements that I cannot do because there are always others that are willing to coach me and improve with me. CrossFit and SCC has really helped me continue to work towards the best version of myself.
Elaine Choy


Aloha, My CrossFit journey started way back in October 2007, one month before my 49th birthday. I walked into CrossFit over 225 pounds and was just told I was pre-diabetic. Since then, I have accomplished so much with CrossFit. I do not know how much I weigh – I learned the number on the scale is not important. My bone density, the test for osteoporosis is that of a woman in her 30’s. I do not have high blood pressure or high cholesterol any more. I am able to carry my groceries,  I can schlep my own luggage and lift it into the overhead bin on a plane. My journey with SCC started when I emailed Chad from Honolulu about 3 months before we moved from Hawaii in August of 2013. I was nervous of leaving my box and finding a new one. I was scared I would stop CrossFit. Chad emailed me several times, I felt immediately at home with SCC before I even walked in the door. He knew when I would arrive and emailed me to find out why I had not gotten to SCC yet. I walked into the SCC box, intimidated as I looked around. I didn’t know any one yet,  BUT Chad welcomed me and introduced me and here I am. I still can’t do a pull up or a handstand, and double unders are still out of my reach but I belong here at SCC. I am cheered just like the elite athletes here at SCC. I still finish last, I run slower, I lift less, I stop more to catch my breath, I get dizzy sometimes. This amazing group of athletes here at SCC cheer for me!!  You will have to stop me – I love this stuff! I love CrossFit! CrossFit is more than a workout, it is away of life. SCC feels like home! Grateful to Chad  and my SCC ohana for welcoming me into your home. This is my thought, fitness is a journey not a way of life, I am on a journey for life!!
Jill Weinstein


I have traveled to many different boxes and this one is a top tiered box. I wish every area had a box like this one which truly represents the “CrossFit” name. I always look forward to the WODs here. This is also one of the best CrossFit communities. I could not recommend SCC more. They also have some of the best pricing for a box that has so much to offer (rowers, huge rig, tons of classes, etc). They are very travel friendly and offer fantastic pricing for weekly or day to day drop-ins. Worth taking a look if you are in the area!
Lee Fairchild


First and foremost I want to thank Chad, all the coaches, and other athlete’s at SCC. I was on a path of an ever increasing unhealthy lifestyle and needed to find something that I would stick with as far as an exercise program.  I enjoy fishing, losbstering, wakeboarding, and other outdoor activities; I was starting to notice how unfit I had become during these endeavors.  I had tried at home exercises, gym memberships, etc. and NOTHING would entice me to stick with it, none of it was fun in my opinion. Then came SCC……after seeing a friend who CrossFits I decided I would try it out.  I contacted SCC and Chad contacted me personally.  He gave me the courage to come through the door that first day, and I can never thank him enough for that.  Thank You Chad! It’s hard for me to put into words how much SCC is constantly changing my life for the better. SCC has not only shown me that I can have physical strength but also mental strength. It helps me meet each challenge during my day with more courage and belief that I CAN do whatever I set my mind to. SCC is fun and I look forward to seeing all the coaches and other athletes. There is truly a sense of alliance and camaraderie at SCC. I look forward to see how SCC and CrossFit will continue to make my life more awesome!!! Oh and the new muscles are pretty sweet too!
Jill Cozza


I have really enjoyed my time spent at SCC. The coaching is kept to a very high standard and technical advice is readily available. The environment is very relaxed and friendly which has led me to meet many new friends in the gym. I look forward to continuing pursuit of my fitness goals at SCC!
Casidy Marks


My journey with Space Coast Crossfit started late March 2013. Ever since joining SCC I have accomplished things I never felt possible before! I attribute this not only to the remarkable SCC coaching staff but my fellow athletes. Both are always there to push you over that bump in the road you feel is impossible to get over. I have learned so much from the SCC staff and athletes alike. I, along with my fellow athletes and coaches, have conquered many goals. As for Chad and the fellow SCC coaches, their compassion for the sport is amazing. What is more amazing is their compassion to see the SCC athletes strive forward in their CrossFit journey. I could go on for days but I won’t. What I will say is that I would recommend SCC to anyone who is looking to give CrossFit a try for the first time or is looking for a Box to call home and feel welcomed with coaching that is top-notch. We have made many amazing friends at SCC, the community vibe is out of this world. The hardest part of us having to move on military orders is having to say “until next time” to our SCC family (we don’t say goodbye). I can say that we will be back to visit the Space Coast and 99.9 % of the reason will be to come WOD out and visit the SCC family. Chad, you and the coaches and the SCC family have made SCC the best box in central Florida hands down. I wish you all the best in your future endeavors.
Matt Tillman