WOD for Warriors

Space Coast CrossFit and TeamRWB’s 2013 Memorial Day WOD for Warriors was a HUGE success!

Until next year!

Our 2013 Memorial Day WOD for Warriors was a HUGE success! We can’t wait until next year! Read below for some of the information about why we do the WOD for Warriors and what it is all about.

An Introduction

A divide exists between military veterans and the civilian community. With the fighting force consisting of only 1% of the country’s population, that divide is growing. This fact is challenging to Veterans as they attempt to reconcile their lives as they exit the military, and face a population that many times does not understand their experience. Team RWB, Space Coast CrossFit and WOD for Warriors, aims to bridge that divide.

TeamRWB and Space Coast CrossFit Goals

  1. Help people remember and observe key national holidays in a respectful, reflecting, meaningful way.
  2. Create a window of opportunity to improve communication between Communities and Veterans to foster understanding
  3. Use this shared experience to build bonds that are restorative to Veterans and their communities.

How It Works

Two times a year (Memorial Day and Veterans Day, or a day in close proximity), fitness facilities and organizations around the country come together and host a WOD for Warriors event. See www.wodforwarriors.com for additional details. Here are some threads of continuity we hope enhance the experience:

  • Across the globe, teams and communities will organize and execute a Workout of the Day (WOD) specifically programmed for that day – these WOD’s will be inclusive, challenging, and meaningful.
  • Each hosting facility will register on the WOD for Warriors Website, and hopefully check in on Social Media so we can all feed off each other’s energy.
  • Individual athletes will register via an automatically generated custom event page to participate in your event.
  • Ideally, the event would combine a local Team RWB chapter and one or more CrossFit affiliates – if you don’t know what one of these things are, please ask, we can’t wait to introduce you!
  • This event is a great catalyst for a social/family event (BBQ, picnic, etc.) at the facility – thus facilitating veteran interaction, exposure for the facility, and a chance for gym members to give back to their community!

Once a year (September 11th), WOD for Warriors will provide a WOD (Operation Vigilance) and accompanying message to any/all facilities or persons who would like to participate. No registration is required, but we ask that you take this chance to come together as a community and remember 9/11/2001 in your own way.

Can Anyone Participate?

YES! You do not need to be a member of Space Coast CrossFit or be actively involved in another CrossFit facility for this event. This is a community outreach event, so invite your friends, family, and most certainly our military veterans!

How Do I Register?

The 2013 event has come to a close. Check back next year for data and time of event!

What is the WOD?

“21 Guns – A Memorial Salute”

Partner #1:

21 Pull-ups
21 Burpee Box Jumps (20″ Rxd)
21 Firemans Carry Back Squat (partner of equal weight)
21 Burpee Box Jumps
21 Pull-Ups

Partner #2 executes
Partner #1 again
Partner #2 again

The 21 reps signify a 21 gun salute, the 5 exercises are one for each Branch of the Military. Executing with a Partner signifies the bonds we aim to create between our Nation’s Warriors and the communities they grow in and return to, and doing it twice reflects the fact that we honor both the living and the deceased.